La peores carátulas de la historia


La peores carátulas de la historia
Not all album covers are created equal. Some are so incredible that they can’t now be explained by the people who originally conceived of them. Here we look at 30 of the worst, most strange and downright ridiculous album covers ever made. Let’s kick off with the inimitable charms of Quim Barreiros…
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All my friends are dead

Freddy Gage


My lips are for blowing

Svetlana Gruebbersolvik

The Best of Wayne Newton

Millie Jackson


Let me touch him

The Ministers Quartet

It's me, mum!

Wally Whyton

This ain't no white christmas!

Rudy Ray Moore

Jesus use me

The Faith Tones

Walking and dreaming


Dance before the police come

Shut Up and Dance